Andrei Kuzmin

I was born in 1972. I’m the chief instructor and founder of the motodriving school «Master» .

I’m professional coach and trainer. Also I’m Candidate for Master of Sports in mountaineering.

Participant of «Ladoga Trophy» on a motorcycle in 2005, 2006, 2015, 2016.

I have been engaged in stuntriding since 2006.

Participant in a large number of European and Russian competitions in stunt riding, in particular:

  • The East European Stuntriding Championship, the Russian Stuntriding Championship,
  • Interio Stunt cup,


  • the festival St. Petersburg Harley Days,
  • St. Petersburg International Motor Show (IMIS),
  •  «Race of the millennia» (IC «Olympic», Moscow, 2016),
  •  the opening of the stadium «St. Petersburg Arena» (2017),
  •  the festival «Motostolitsa» (St. Petersburg),
  •  opening and closing of motor-season in St. Petersburg and Minsk,
  •  various shows in Russia and the near abroad.
Stunt on HD Dyna Street Bob
Stunt on HD Dyna Street Bob

I’m performing show on Harley Davidson motorcycles specially prepared for the stunt.

teach stuntriding to motorcyclists of any age and with any skills.

Everyone can learn to do wheellie, but it’s more expedient to do this with a professional trainer.