Andrei Kuzmin. Stuntriding on Harley Davidson

Stuntriding is a trick riding on motorcycle. It’s a dangerous and exciting sport.

Stuntriding on Harley Davidson — motorcycles which are not originally intended for it, is a real challenge! It’s complicated and it’s a truly spectacular sight!

Stuntriding on HD

Andrei Kuzmin performs stunts on Harley Davidson motorcycles more than 10 years. He is the first Harley Davidson stunt performer in Russia and he is the only in Europe performs stunt on a motorcycle Harley Davidson Big Twin 96″.

All  motorcycles for stuntriding (including two models of Harley Davidson motorcycles: HD Sportster 883 and HD Dyna Street Bob 1600) are specially prepared for stuntriding by professionals.

Andrei Kuzmin. Harley Davidson stuntshow
Andrei Kuzmin. Harley Davidson stuntshow

Andrei Kuzmin and stuntteam «Master»:
an excellent stuntriding show

Andrei Kuzmin’s stuntteam «Master» — they are professionals in their job, successful stuntiders, constantly raising their level and showing really bright and spectacular stuntshows on specially modified stunt motorcycles Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha.

Stunt team «Master»

Annual performances at events:

  • stuntshow at the opening and closing motoseasons in St. Petersburg and Minsk,
  • the Eastern Europe Stunt Championship,
  • the Harley Days festival (St. Petersburg),
  • stuntriding competition «Interio Stunt Cup»
  • stuntday at the  International Motorcycle Industry Salon (IMIS) (St. Petersburg),
  • various shows and holidays in Russia and the near abroad.

Fantastic stuntriding show by mototeam «Master» will make an unforgettable event and provide the spectators with great impressions.

We offer individual or team (sets of 20 minutes) extreme shows on motorcycles for events of any level and focus.

The impressive and spectacular motorshow will decorate the holiday and will not leave anyone indifferent. Real emotions are priceless!

It is also possible to conduct photo sessions on motorcycles Harley Davidson.

Training in stuntriding

Andrei Kuzmin being an experienced and successful stuntrider as well as a professional trainer conducts training in stuntriding with a specially developed and time-tested effective system.